Get Involved


People in Ipswich are aware of the impact they have on the environment and each other as we go about our daily lives. There is a growing trend for citizens to live more sustainably and fairly to ensure that the community is wealthier for future generations.  Tiny actions are taken each day across the town, such as recycling a can to reduce the growth of mountains of land-fill or buying free-range eggs to ensure hens have a decent life.

Individuals can have a large influence on how our community operates through decisions on where they work, how they travel and what they buy for example. There are also a number of aspects of life the individual cannot influence easily and they need a collective force.

Ipswich Green Party seeks to influence decisions that affect us, made at the local council, national parliament and in the European parliament. To do this, we need you help!

What you can do

You can;

  • Vote for Green Party candidates in all elections
  • Assist financially by donating money to cover costs (e.g. printing leaflets)
  • Assist mentally by attending meetings contributing to our collective knowledge
  • Assist physically by delivering leaflets and helping at events
  • Become a member of the Party and direct our actions
  • Campaign to become elected as a local councillor
  • Challenge existing Party members to run as the MP candidate for Ipswich
  • Challenge existing Party members to run as a MEP candidate in Europe for the Eastern Region


We need you

Get in touch
 with us. We genuinely need your help.