Elections in 2019

We believe it is more important than ever that people have the choice to vote Green, and our politicians are able to see that a long term plan of environmental and social fairness is important.  We are making plans for the local elections on 2nd May 2019 and are active in our local communities all the year round with activities such as litter picking, monitoring air quality and surveying local residents to hear their concerns.

General Election 2017

To see our candidates for the 2017 council and parliamentary elections, click here.

It costs £500 just to stand in a General Election.  The Green Party does not have wealthy corporate backers so we rely on donations of ordinary voters.  We funded our General Election campaign through our crowdfunding campaign.

General Election 2015

In 2015 we had our best election ever in Ipswich with our candidate Barry Broom getting 1,737 votes, which was 3.7% of the vote, however we lost out to tactical voting as on the same day nearly 4,000 people in Ipswich voted Green in the local elections.

The UK voting system is broken - the Green Party required over a million votes just to get one MP, the Conservatives averaged just over 30,000 votes for each of their MPs. If we had Proportional Representation the Greens would have 37 MPs.