Christmas does not have to cost the world

7 December 2018

With the average Christmas costing British households over £800, it is no surprise that many are worried they will start the New Year in debt.

Here are a few simple ideas that could save money and help the planet.


-          Presents can be given without going to a shop or ordering online

  • Make homemade crafts/ food gifts
    • The sentimental value people attach to handmade gifts means they are more likely to use and keep them
  • Make a gift of your time/expertise rather than purchasing products
    • Give vouchers for days out, offers of childcare, support with home maintenance…

-          Support local charity and Fairtrade shops

  • They should be cost effective
  • Your purchase will then support people in need 
  • You can consider second hand/upcycling; not everything has to be new

-          Shop locally

  • Try to visit local Christmas markets or independent shops near you

-          Gifts that support a sustainable lifestyle

  • These could include a reusable water bottle, reusable coffee cup, tote shopping bag….
  • For people with gardens, a wildlife gift e.g. birdboxes, bug boxes….

-          When entertaining…

  • Forget disposables and ask guests to support you by lending you crockery etc..

-          Gift wrapping

  • Avoid foil/metallic/ plastic wrapping paper and plastic tape where possible
  • Experiment with brown paper/newspaper and string (this can be personalised with collage/ drawings)
  • Use an old shoe box if you dislike wrapping
  • Wrap with an attractive tea towel/ tote bag which is then an extra present in itself.

-          Recycle your waste effectively

  •  If you leave the tape on your wrapping paper, it cannot be recycled so ensure all tape is removed before binning
  • Use your brown bin for vegetable and fruit peelings or make/use a garden compost heap
  • Recycle all the rest of your waste where possible, checking local guidelines on recycling

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