Help get more Greens elected


Ipswich Green Party is run by a group of unpaid volunteers passionate about political progress. While our spare time comes for free, we need money to print leaflets and posters to get the green message out there.

We don't get donations from big corporates and unions like other parties - we rely on small donations from lots of individuals. We think that is a democratic way to finance a political party: We don't owe specific financiers any big favours; we are accountable to many thousands of small contributors.

As little as £10 each year will make more difference than you imagine.

If you feel you could help by making a donation, you can do so by cheque made payable to Ipswich Green Party to:

Ipswich Green Party
66 Fitzwilliam Close
Ipswich IP2 9ST

Please ensure that you include your name and contact details.