Ipswich Green Party Manifesto

If elected, all Ipswich Green Party candidates would implement national Green Party policy and the priorities outlined in the Ipswich Green Party Manifesto.

The Green Party candidate for Ipswich in the 2019 General Election is Barry Broom.  You could read more about Barry and Green Party policies here.

See below for information on Green Party candidates in recent elections.

Ipswich Borough Council Elections - May 2nd 2019

Ipswich Green Party ran candidates across Ipswich for the 2019 Borough Council elections

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Adria Pittock


Adria Pittock is an active campaigner for green, LGBT+  and International equality issues. She has lived in Ipswich for over 20 years and brought up her children locally.  Adria has spent her career working in a range of environmental roles and currently works in waste and recycling in Suffolk. Adria is very actively involved in organising and promoting Suffolk Pride 2019 taking place in Ipswich on 22nd June 2019.  

If I was elected I’d campaign for the conservation and expansion of Ipswich’s green spaces and actions to reduce our carbon emissions i.e. better public transport and cycling provision, affordable, carbon neutral housing and local ‘green‘ energy supplies. I would also work for improved mental health services, increased opportunities for young people and for tackling crime in our town. 


Andy Patmore

Andy Patmore

Priory Heath

In addition to being the Ipswich Branch Coordinator, Andy is a frontline volunteer at 4YP and a trainee youth worker.

"I have lived in the Priory Heath ward since 2011 and like everyone, was shocked at the events of last June.

I am keen to support local community initiatives and have stood in the ward in two previous elections."

Brieanna Patmore 

Brieanna Patmore


Brieanna is a hard working single Mum and is a strong believer in social justice and giving everyone, especially young people, the right support and motivation in order to achieve.

She is quick to defend those who cannot defend themselves and believes in developing and supporting communities that can help themselves.

 Charlotte Armstrong

Charlotte Armstrong


I joined the Green Party as it is the only party to campaign for true social justice & to address our reality of climate change and environmental destruction.

I am a Green Socialist Feminist & Trade Unionist -trained in Equalities, Workplace Representation, Women & Organisation.

In 2011 I launched the "Shine a Light On Women " campaign on the candlelit steps of Ipswich Town Hall and I have also organised campaigns for local issues like the return of public seating in the Buttermarket.

I work in Buttermarket Boots and have been a fully trained volunteer worker on a National Helpline.

People have sacrificed their lives to ensure we all have our democratic right to vote - please don't wast yours. Make your vote powerful, political and make it count. Vote for People, our Planet and Peace. Make your vote Green!


 John Mann

John Mann


John is a computer programmer, and is married with two children.  He has been a Green party member for 12 years.  John was born in Ipswich and lives here with many family members who live in Ipswich also. He attends the Ipswich Quaker meeting, has been a school governer, and has worked as a volunteer at the winter homeless shelter as well as helping at the Suffolk LGBT Network.

"The old political parties don't understand the new challenges we face in the 21st century, we need Green policies locally and nationally to leave a world for our children and grandchildren".



 Jude Rook

Jude Rook

St John's

Jude has been a Green Party supporter for over 30 years. 

She has had a career in housing and latterly worked with young people in care.

Jude wants to see improved local public transport systems, and a reduction in traffic in St John's Ward.

She believes we should encourage local businesses and support our local economy to work together to improve our neighbourhood. She wants to promote local sustainable farming, and is concerned about the decline in wildlife.


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Kirsty Wilmot

St Margaret's

Kirsty has lived in Ipswich for 10 years, moving here after a decade studying environmental politics and working in Brussels and Westminster. In Suffolk, Kirsty has studied ecology and worked in the voluntary and community sector for 6 years, advising community groups on food and farming projects, and small businesses on energy efficiency. Since having children she has retrained and now works as a wildlife educator and Forest School leader.

"I’m standing for the Green Party as I want to protect our natural environment for generations of people and wildlife to come, and to advocate fairness and kindness in our society. If elected I would fight against air pollution, town centre congestion, fuel poverty and inequality. I would champion green spaces and sustainable housing, and support our community-run cafes, farms and shops to stimulate the local economy."

 Lesley Packwood

Lesley Packwood


Lesley is a cat-loving carer for her 92 year old mum and is also a part-time civil-servant, working in central Ipswich. Lesley has always been interested in green issues but had not really been bothered with politics until 2018 when she wanted to vote Green, but could not do so. Now Lesley is standing to give all residents of Bixley the chance to vote Green!

Lesley was very surprised to find she had been shouting at the telly for years for so many things that the Greens also believe in so it was a no-brainier to join the Green Party.

"The only way to change the ridiculous political system in this country is to do it from within so please vote with your conscience and your heart and vote Green this time."



Tom Wilmot 


Tom Wilmot


Tom grew up in Ipswich and teaches in a local secondary school. He is an active member of the local community with a particular interest in food and farming, and how we can make this more sustainable. "I think it is important for people to reconnect with the planet and with each other for a greener and happier future. As a parent of young children in this town I am committed to making Ipswich a better and more interesting place to live".

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Jenny Rivett


Having only moved to Suffolk a few years ago I have already become a local campaigner in Holywells ward, an elected Public Governor for Ipswich since the NHS Ipswich and Colchester Trust merger and about to be member of IHUG. I walk everywhere within Ipswich and am very aware of the traffic and parking issues and am working with others to look for solutions to propose to Council. I understand the pressures and constraints on residents, having 2 sons who needed to find work and a family who struggle to be "Green" but I feel the need to make changes to the way we live and the way the constructed world works against the environment. On the other hand I love the history here, the waterfront, Christchurch Mansion, the museum, I swim at Fore Street pool, I walk the parks and riverside and I want to protect those things for now and future residents.


Our Other Candidates



Nigel Storry


Lee Morris 

 St Margaret's

Kirsty Wilmot 

 Stoke Park

Barry Broom 


Ned Harrison 



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