Suffolk Green Party Manifesto

If elected, all Ipswich Green Party candidates would implement national Green Party policy and the policies detailed in the 2013 Suffolk Green Party Manifesto, except insofar as these no longer apply.


General Election - June 8th 2017

Charlotte ArmstrongCharlotte Armstrong (right) is our parliamentary candidate for Ipswich.

Charlotte Armstrong (42) talks about what motivated her to offer a Green voice to Ipswich voters:

"I joined the Green Party as it is the only party to campaign for true social justice & to address our reality of climate change and environmental destruction.

I am a Green Socialist Feminist & Trade Unionist -trained in Equalities, Workplace Representation, Women & Organisation.

In 2011 I launched the "Shine a Light On Women " campaign on the candlelit steps of Ipswich Town Hall.

I have been a fully trained volunteer worker on a National Helpline.

I work in Buttermarket Boots and last October I organised a petition for the return of public seating in the Buttermarket."

My beliefs:

"Labour, Conservatives & the Lib Dems have all been in government - & they have all let us down in many ways. I & my Party understand why 30-40% of people in Ipswich won't come out & vote for those parties. However, people have sacrificed their own lives to ensure we would all have our democratic right to vote- please don't waste yours.

Make your vote powerful, political & make it count. Vote for People, our Planet & Peace - make your Vote Green."


Regan Scott is our parliamentary candidate for Central Suffolk & North Ipswich.


It costs £500 just to stand in a General Election.  The Green Party does not have wealthy corporate backers so we rely on donations of ordinary voters.  Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign.


Suffolk County Council Elections - May 4th 2017

Ipswich Green Party have 10 candidates for the County Council elections


Charlotte Armstrong


Ben Magrath

Priory Heath

Andy Patmore


Max Philips 

St Helen's

Maria Harrison

St John's

Jane Scott

St Margaret's & Westgate

John Mann

Kirsty Wilmot

Whitton & Whitehouse

Liz Smith

Shaun Mcdonald

Ipswich Borough Council - 4th May 2017

Stoke Park

Adria Pittock